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Better today to deal with 2 kg overweight than in two years 20 kg of obesity

For families

For families

Family lifestyle can be identified as the main source of childhood obesity in the civilized world. The child is a showcase of the family, reflecting both genetics and primarily lifestyle. All the deficiencies and failures of family regime measures leading to positive imbalance with regard too energy intake and output are reflected on the child. In the civilized world there is not free access to food resources. Each kilogram and every extra kilogram must be purchased and it represents fair summation of the cost amount to 2 – 3 000 CZK per 1 kg of fat. The child has no economic power in the family. The child does not earn money, does not buy, does not cook – the child only eats at home and can´t escape form the influence of family dietary lifestyle.

Obesity is a showcase for family

The world of children is shaped by their involvement with school, friends, hobbies, media, but most of all by family. The family is the basic building block of a child´s world where the child builds whole future life. Family lifestyle is always fully reflected in the habits and customs of its youngest members. If the family spends weekends in the mountains and sport is peacefully incorporated into their life, then there is little likelihood that children will sit in fornt of the computer or TV all day with a bag of crisps or chocolate.

Despite having good theoretical information, parents, doctors and teachers are often unable to provide an ideal lifestyle to children, because of a flood of other duties. Therefore the responsibility for children´s health needs to be transmitted to individuals and a child itself. However, the fight against obesity can not be fought by individuals alone. We must realize seemingly simple changes of a lifestyle can stop or slow down the negative trend of rising obesity as well as other diseases of civilization.

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