With Children Against Obesity

Better today to deal with 2 kg overweight than in two years 20 kg of obesity

Prevention of childhood obesity

Prevention of childhood obesity

First of all, we must realize that seemingly simple changes of lifestyle can stop or slow down the negative trend of rising childhood obesity.

Healthy lifestyle and eating patterns are developing from early childhood, but only the whole family can change stance and lifestyles and that can prevent develop of bad eating patterns and physical activity regime.

Sometimes it is very difficult for parents to have a proper orientation in a flood of information about child´s nutrition and at the same time not to be under pressure of the mass media and advertising. Only very well informed parents can properly set physical activity and nutrition rules in the family and be a good model for their child. It´s not a rarity that even well educated mothers are under the influence of advertising recommendations, which “guarantee” the best choice. The paradox is, products intended for children like various sweets, chocolate substitutes, smoked meats and other food are often nutritionally at a significantly lower level than the same products for adults consumer. Stop being blind consumers and become a model for your children.

Eight rules for the prevention of childhood obesity:

The menu on the five fingers of one hand. Eat regularly 5 times a day!

Don´t go out of the house without breakfast! Eat breakfast always at home!

The rest is for the birds! Do not eat all the food on the plate!

For drinking is water, not sugar bowl! Drink non-sweet fluids!

Sweets with common sense and for pleasure. Goodies only on weekends!

TV doesn´t belong to eating! Don´t eat in front of TV!

Walk, walk and walk. Walk 4 km per day, exercise 3 times per week to sweat, always take the stairs.

Dreams for a nice figure. 7-8 hours of calm sleep every night.

Better today to deal with 2 kg overweight than in two years 20 kg of obesity