With Children Against Obesity

Better today to deal with 2 kg overweight than in two years 20 kg of obesity

Treatment of childhood obesity

Treatment of childhood obesity

Never be on weight reduction diet at home!

Treatment of childhood obesity is a matter for experienced and certified therapist and always should begin primarily at child´s physician who can best advise a child and his family.

Children obesitology uses medicines and surgery solution only in rare cases and rejects the weight reduction diets, which damage a child’s development. Yet it is children obesitology in comparison with adult obesitology much more effective, because eating patterns, metabolic processes and level of physical activity, which cause the development of obesity, children do not have fixed and can be reversed with proper consistency in the desired direction. With a particular patient at a particular time, we work with obese child in the mean time its growth. It is influenced by immature vital functions of metabolism, neuromuscular immaturity, immaturity of higher neural activity with non-fixed motion patterns and behavior patterns. The child is also influenced by family background, family´s daily routine and cycle Earn – Buy – Cook – Eat and by model of physical activity in  the family. The balance between energy intake and output results in children just maintaining weight during growth to reduce the amount of fat tissue. Over time, the child gradually adjust your weight on the basis of its growth, but this exceptional opportunity must not be missed.

Better today to deal with 2 kg overweight than in two years 20 kg of obesity!

Family therapy is a crucial pillar of the childhood obesity treatment. It is appropriate to establish a fixed program that has a simple and understandable dietary rules and rules for physical activity. Communication with children must be clear, unequivocal and simple. Communication shouldn´t be take out of children´s environment, in which they grow up.  This treatment is demanding for both financial and human resources and is easily prone to the burnout syndrome. Treatment of obesity is long-term, often fails and should be taken as a treatment of addiction on food. The goal of successfully treatment is via managing an obese child change the family life style not only for this moment but also for the future, so that their lifestyle will not lead to the development of obesity and metabolic syndrome.